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with planning and placement for strategic media presence

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Activate instead of reach!
Our knowledge of the mechanics and mode of operation of the various media genres ensures an efficient and sustainable combination of cross-media content in TV, radio, outdoor advertising (OOH), print media, cinema, sponsoring and social media. With us you can create your media plan.

From media design to the actual campaign planning, with us you get everything from one source.

Strategic cross-media mix: leading media & special interest

We take out ads for you in all media with Mediaplan and Mediareview:

  • trade magazines
  • newspaper
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Cinema
  • Outdoor advertising (LED walls, city light, posters)
  • Social media
  • AdWords
  • portable terminals

After the project -
is before the project!

The aim of media planning is to ensure, within the framework of a systemic media analysis, that the advertising message is transported to the desired target group as efficiently as possible or that the previously defined communication goals are achieved. Media planning concerns both classical advertising and public relations, sponsoring, PR and sales promotion - ergo: the complete communication policy!

Order media plan and media circuit now!

Tim Bohne
Managing Director
Media planning, media purchasing, media placement

Tel. +49 261-88447-76

Media strategy

What are your goals, where are the problems and with which product do you want to reach which (personal) target group and for which budget?

Media selection

We sound out the advertising mediums/markets for you and define communication channels that appeal to the target group. In doing so, we always focus on the topics of reach vs. average contacts for effective and result-oriented planning.

Media production

We would be happy to design your individual advertising messages and create your advertising material in parallel. No matter whether it is a classic print ad, radio or TV spot or online medium, we hit the nail on the head!

Media review

After the planning is before the planning! Were the set goals achieved? Where would we have to readjust, which messages were successful and what is the target / actual ratio? The answer to these questions is the key to your (advertising) success!

Media plan

We plan your allocations and circuits for you using a transparent allocation and budget plan.

Media purchasing

As a media agency, we purchase media services for you as cost-effectively as possible in order to constantly optimise the effectiveness of your campaign(s) and ensure your advertising success.

media circuit

We take care of and call up your respective bookings just in time and handle them with the respective advertising media.

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