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Websites and shop systems
for your success on the web

Conception and objectives for your internet pages

Ideally, your internet presence should already have a clear objective at the conception stage.

Lead generation, image building, recruiting, electronic communication platform or brand communication, every goal requires a clear approach.

With a target-oriented conception we make sure that your internet presence fulfills the set task, the investment is amortized quickly and your site is actively "selling".

"mobile first" responsive screendesign

"Mobile first" is the current demand for web applications.
Already in the conception phase we pay attention to the optimal adaptation to the requirements for mobile devices.

Analysis and lead tracking

To control access statistics and the achievement of objectives, we use analysis and reporting tools that enable you to obtain a detailed report and adjust measures at any time.

Data security and DSGVO

We create your website under the currently valid aspects of data security and conformity.
With your own or externally appointed data protection officer, we create the appropriate concepts and secure you against vulnerability.

CMS as basis

In order to make your content structured and easily editable for your editors, we use modern CMS like typo3 and wordpress.
Connection to your ERP, multilingual pages, configurators, protected areas and the publication of large amounts of data are no problem.
The hosting of the pages takes place on German servers with market-leading providers.

Updating the contents

Updating content and adding new chapters to the site is completely in your hands with a CMS.

Assign editing tasks in your team and publish content immediately.

The structured access and rights management in your CMS or shop enables you to publish content quickly and securely.

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