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Text & Content
for your storytelling

Whether it is sales text, info letter, image text or valuable content for your subscribers in your social networks and search engines, together with our team of experts, authors, translators/native speakers and project managers you will not only reach your target group, you will also motivate and activate them.

  • Save time
  • Use our texts and convince your customers and interested parties
  • Increase your relevance by means of target group-affine contents on the web


Their services and products are worth knowing and talking about. Like any exciting story, your products also need a good reason to be told.

  • So what makes your products unique?
  • Which problem do you solve?
  • What obstacles do we have to fight against verbally?
  • Who is the hero in your story?

In order to reach your customers and prospects, we have to emotionalize these topics so that they spread virally over the Internet in no time.

Editorial office

We bring your product-relevant information into form in a way that is appropriate for your target group and create editorial content that is suitable for immediate publication.

We proceed as follows:

  • Catalogue your product range
  • Verbalize problem and solution to your products
  • relevant topics and assign them to your products
  • Development of an editorial system with an affinity to the target group
  • Retrieve relevant content and media at the push of a button


With complicated procedures and workflows, products that are worth explaining and complex text passages, the devil is often in the details.

Because the more special the product - the more complicated it is to edit concise and meaningful texts without getting lost in the details. Often, the fact that the content is clear and understandable for you, but for your readership and target group it is often just complex words.

We, as an external and objective authority, help you to edit your texts. Through stylistic and orthographic optimisation by our experienced editors, your texts have a much better chance of being read and understood in full in the future. Because only those who understand your products with their individual value proposition will continue to use and buy them in the future.


In a globalised world with international distribution channels, it is often necessary to have texts translated in all common language combinations. Whether it's a website, a brochure or an advertising trailer, with our partners of translators and native speakers you can also open up these markets.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the industrial B2B sector, you benefit from a proven workflow of typesetting, translation and editing.

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