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Brand development
for your differentiated positioning

Become a brand!

Your own brand is the absolute differentiation from your competitors.

Your brand conveys character and quality promise to your target group.

Your customers turn to your brand values and your employees acknowledge them. This is what makes the internal and external communication of your brand so important.

Consistent brand development or re-branding gives you decisive competitive advantages.

Our brand developments

cultivate a brand





Awareness level


All these elements of a strong brand serve your penetration of the market and strengthen the identity of your value proposition. With all consequences. Leading a brand is a continuous process of comparison and adaptation in self-image and external image.

Your brand becomes the focal point for your new market awareness.

Reach new target groups through strategic brand building.

Trademark registration

We register your trademark together with our cooperating trademark and patent attorneys Peter Strauss in Koblenz and Sylvio Schiller in Berlin.

Needs analysis in the initial interview

In discussion with you, we prepare an analysis of the current status of your recruiting based on a comprehensive briefing. Since the analysis involves sensitive data, all information is protected in advance by NDA.

With this analysis you can start at the most important points in order to strategically execute the next steps.

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