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Magazine design for customer and employee magazines

Information und Unterhaltung als Magazin für Ihre Kunden und Interessenten

Magazine conception

Inhalte die Ihre Leser begeistern, interessieren, aktivieren.

What moves and activates your readership is the core of the magazine concept.

Topic research, journalistic development, the creation of articles and the construction of exciting texts.

With our team of conceptual designers and copywriters, we develop gripping and entertaining content for your readers.


Magazine design

Design and haptics for sustainable communication

Our graphics department creates a contemporary and target group-oriented design for you. Perfectly adapted to lifestyle, technology, trade, finance or consumer.

We also develop magazines in several languages, so that you can publish your magazine synchronously in several economic and language areas.

Cross-media publication is also possible in web and print at the same time. As your own web app, magazine page, PDF or media feed.



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