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With modern marketing and sales you are the successful medium-sized business 4.0

Leadership and management in medium-sized companies are being replaced by a new generation.

The new and subsequent generation of entrepreneurs has higher standards and a better understanding of modern sales and marketing.

It is less reliance more on old roped parties, habits, markets and lobbies.

In particular, medium-sized businesses must now rely on digitalisation and strategic communication in order to hold their own against stronger and new competitors.

Marketing for medium-sized businesses

The middle class is undergoing rapid change.

By digitalizing processes, strategic marketing in combination with sustainable sales, you secure jobs, turnover and the expansion of market shares.

  • Worldwide development can also be achieved for you
  • Transfer of know-how in the company must be secured
  • Generation change to more strategic planning
  • Using modern ways of communication to your own advantage

We are used to working on an equal footing with the leading medium-sized companies and developing sustainable strategies.

From hidden champion to prominent market leader!

We have compiled a checklist for situation analysis and a guide for strategic marketing and sales.
This will enable you to grasp your situation in a structured way and create the basis for a sustainable marketing plan.

In a subsequent workshop, we will work with you to develop a detailed plan for operational implementation. Ideally also by using subsidies, we support you in applying for and retrieving them.

The 4 success factors in marketing for medium-sized businesses

Benefit Communication

Why potential customers or users choose your company and offer should be explicitly communicated about the benefits.

Even with unique selling propositions, small and medium-sized companies with conservative management still do not manage to scale.

This is due to a lack of benefit communication. Don't ride around on features, but advertise the benefits!

We are specialized in crystallizing the core of your competence and the associated unique selling proposition for your potential customers.

A presence to the order

Their strengths and expertise must be communicated in a profitable way. Increase your visibility by aggressively promoting your uniqueness and performance!

These are your new construction sites for successful communication and acquisition:
professional presence in electronic media, expertise in decision media, PR contributions, trade fair appearances, outdoor advertising, networking in key executive groups, content marketing via video formats.
The totality of touch points in a stringent content structure and corporate design. This makes you a medium-sized company 4.0 and fulfils the demands of your customers and prospects.

Employer brand for better recruiting

The employer market no longer exists! Companies have to apply for well-trained employees who are willing to perform. This is often still ignored by conservative company management. However, this leads to strong shifts of skills in companies. Employees prefer companies with flat hierarchies, flexible working conditions, appreciative treatment and attractive career opportunities.

The Generation Mittelstand 4.0 is already working with these models and is experiencing an intensive demand and appreciation of human resources through this method. Secure the best brains for yourself !

Strategic sales and CRM

Secure the success and competitiveness of your company through strategic sales in combination with digital CRM.

Open up new customer groups and grow in areas that have not been sufficiently developed so far.

This is where digitalisation in the area of customer relation shop management offers you considerable advantages and a high level of efficiency.

Upsellings can already be carried out from your customer base if you analytically observe and track buying behaviour and demand.

Strengthen marketing and sales for your advancement to mid-sized companies 4.0

Needs analysis in a free initial consultation

In discussion with you, we prepare an analysis of the current status of marketing and sales based on a comprehensive briefing. Since the analysis involves sensitive data, all information is protected in advance by NDA.

With this analysis, you can specifically start at the important points in order to strategically implement the next steps.

Make an appointment now and restart marketing

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