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Ccorportate design
for your visual basis

Logo, website, business stationery or print media, we accompany you in the creation of your visual identity.
This will enable you to create a uniform presentation for your successful corporate communication.

A consistent corporate design is the basis of your appearance and your corporate identity. We graphically implement the identity of your company - with well thought-out conciseness, a unique logo and a uniform appearance. In this way, together we create the basis of your image for all publications, online, offline and/or cross-media.

Project example: Development Re-Design for screen printing KREYE

Corporate Design Creation

The corporate design (CD) or corporate appearance is the basis for your corporate identity.

With the uniform elements of your means of communication you enable the recognition of your brand and your company.

We create a completely new CD for you or implement a relaunch.


In order to establish another strong element in the visual language of your communication strategy or campaign, the creation of a key visual can ensure high attention.


Your corporate typeface is essential for the basic design. Ideally, your corporate typeface should offer a wide range of typefaces to enable both continuous text and striking applications.

We can advise you on typography and license photos for you or have a custom font created for you.


The logo design is one of the first and most important steps for your new CD.

The design of the logo is a complex process, which is implemented by us, taking into account conciseness and reproducibility.

We create word mark and figurative mark for you.

Corporate Design Manual

We document the design guidelines in a corporate design manual. This enables the implementation of communication tools for all players in and for your company in a structured and secure manner.

This is how we implement manuals for corporate design.

Company colours

The selection of your corporate colour(s) forms the basis of the accent colours for your CD.

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