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Conception and scheduling for your social media activities

Social media is an efficient way to place targeted content and quickly achieve high response rates
to be generated. With up-to-date content we enable real-time communication with your target groups.

Immediate presence

Get your readers/users to share and thus distribute your content. This modern form of "word-of-mouth propaganda" uses the epidemic distribution of content via the Internet or social media platforms, similar to a viral effect that spreads in a very short time. This enables you to generate very high coverage within a very short time.


The appropriate (target group) address by means of exact knowledge about your customers and user groups influences your direct advertising success. The precise selection of interest groups and user circles as well as the consideration of demographic data is one of our standards.


Pictures speak more than a thousand words! Use this fact for your advertising purposes and place moving image ads, e.g. in the form of facebook ADs, on Youtube channels or as Youtube Ads. Whether video tutorial, interview or event documentary, we design and produce your social media clips/videos and make them viral.


"Do good and talk about it." The classic principles of PR and public relations work apply all the more in the field of social networks today. Communicate complex messages and product features as stories, how only life could write them better and make them divisible/viral. Because the best advertising for your company is still "word-of-mouth propaganda"; transferred into today's world is the so-called "user generated content". Social media promotes dialogue and thus creates lasting relationships and dialogue with your target group.

Influencer Marketing / Multipliers Marketing

Use well-known personalities and scene experts with their wide-ranging supporters for your purposes and let them become a profitable part of your corporate communication. As confidants and opinion leaders, these "influencers" then become your brand ambassadors and (buying) decision-makers.

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