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Recruit employees online and strategically

Qualified employees are the decisive resource for companies.

Recruiting specialists with e-recruiting requires a strong employer brand and a target group-oriented approach. Together with our partner conlabz, we implement career sites and playout via social media and portals and generate qualified inquiries from potential employees.


Win effective employees through strong employer brand!

Employer brand for better recruiting

The employer market no longer exists! Companies have to apply for well-trained employees who are willing to perform. This is often still ignored by conservative company management. However, this leads to strong shifts of skills in companies. Employees prefer companies with flat hierarchies, flexible working conditions, appreciative treatment and attractive career opportunities.

The Generation Mittelstand 4.0 is already working with these models and is experiencing an intensive demand and appreciation of human resources through this method. Secure the best brains for yourself !

Marketing for personnel

We develop efficient personnel marketing as a competitive advantage for medium-sized companies. Take the lead when it comes to attracting and retaining the best minds. Our communication concepts secure your personnel resources.

Editorial office / Concept

With our team of specialist authors, copywriters and translators, your messages will reach your target group. They motivate and activate at the moment of decision making to your advantage.

Classical media in combination

International specialist publications in the print sector as a supplement to e-recruiting secure you preferential conditions from the publishers in tried and tested subject areas. We place your communication with extensive media planning.

HR-approved speech

The contents to be communicated are checked and developed by our personnel expert. In this way you receive a professionally assured and balanced mixture of requirement profile, general conditions and services. We are happy to accompany you during interviews and onboarding.

Language versions

Globalized requirements? Thanks to our many years of experience in the industrial B2B sector, you benefit from a proven workflow of translation and editing.

Needs analysis in the initial interview

In discussion with you, we prepare an analysis of the current status of your recruiting based on a comprehensive briefing. Since the analysis involves sensitive data, all information is protected in advance by NDA.

With this analysis you can start at the most important points in order to strategically execute the next steps.

Make an appointment now and start recruiting again

Manuel Potter

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