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Giveaways and promotional items
for your customers and fans

Haptic communication

The more senses are involved in the acquisition of information, the more lasting is the memory of the transmitted message.

Haptic communication is the new approach to understanding promotional items as an efficient communication product.

Our partner Potter Promotion has intensively dealt with advertising effects, here to the details for promotional products.


When it comes to handing over articles in large quantities, e.g. at trade fairs or events, give-aways are the right choice. Despite the low unit price, however, the advertising media must absolutely follow the corporate design and include originality and utility.


Textiles / Corporate Fashion

Corporate Wear is both useful and promotional for your employees.

We design collections or promotional editions for you, taking into account your CD.

Polo shirts, T-shirts, shirts, jackets, but also high-quality ties, suits and accessories such as scarves and caps are part of our product range. Even workwear in your company colours and gloves for industrial safety are possible.

Presents and premiums

Appreciation and rewards can be communicated and achieved with high-quality articles.

We select the appropriate (branded) articles for you and use discreet (co-)branding to ensure that your image is adequately transported.

Custom-made products

To achieve absolute attention, the custom-made product is the perfect choice.

Taking into account the campaign theme, your brand personality, corporate design, quality standards and originality, we design individual articles that attract attention.


If you would like to give your fans the opportunity to purchase your brand in their own collection, we will provide you with the concept, the design and the complete production including shop system and warehouse logistics.

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