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Virtual trade fair and sales rooms,
360 degree worlds of experience

Become present in times of distancing!

With your virtual trade fair you show your target group that you are close to your customers even in difficult times! No matter if corona or other obstacles, you are technically able to realize your trade fair anyway!


What is the goal of your virtual trade fair? Which leads are most valuable to you?

A good conception decides about valuable new contacts.

The digital twin

Your trade fair presence can extend beyond the regular physical fair. Or serve as a preview. Or as a supplementary area to add valuable space to real trade fairs.

You already exhibit virtually while your competition is invisible.

Production of the presence cloudbased and within a few days

We create your presence by means of high-resolution 360-degree photography or renderings.

We can also implement the development of infrastructure and real estate projects within a very short time.

VR implementation is also an extremely valuable tool for municipalities, business development agencies and advertising associations.

Development of an industrial area with drone recordings

Become the industry leader
now with your virtual trade fair.

destination marketing

Virtual walk-through for tourism

Virtual exploration of the holiday and travel destination even before you arrive: with our solution, you arouse anticipation and actively provide impulses for activities, selling points and offers.

Information, entertainment, enthusiasm: attract potential guests to your site and offer real added value.
With emotional and strategic storytelling, you convey a lasting impression of the destination with professionally created images, videos and useful content.

Digitisation for municipalities and cities

Municipalities and cities can offer attractive information and decision-making aids for residents, investors and businesses with virtual presentations of areas.

Location marketing has never been easier or more impressive!

Needs analysis in the initial interview

In discussion with you, we prepare an analysis of the current status of your recruiting based on a comprehensive briefing. Since the analysis involves sensitive data, all information is protected in advance by NDA.

With this analysis you can start at the most important points in order to strategically execute the next steps.

Make an appointment now and restart the Virtual Fair

Manuel Potter

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