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Corporate Design
Your Design Consistency Manual

Corporate design guidelines

With documented design guidelines, you enable the implementation of communication tools for all stakeholders in and for your company in a structured and secure manner.


The logo is the heart of any company or brand. The corporate manual should not only define the logo in terms of its shape and color, but also clearly describe how it should be used and displayed in order to avoid misuse or unwanted display.

Components in the documentation:

  •     Definition / Derivation
  •     Typo / Color
  •     Responsive views / size system
  •     Examples of use
  •     Claim if applicable


With serifs or without? Medieval numerals or minuscule numerals? Which x-height, which barrel width? Many questions to make an important decision. The house font contributes decisively to the overall appearance. In addition to the font family, the selected weights and font sizes should also be determined for the particular use. It is best to work with examples here.

Components in the documentation:

  •     corporate font - analog
  •     Type styles and sizes (usage)
  •     House font - digital (weights)
  •     Type styles and sizes (usage)
  •     If necessary, decorative font



The components of a business stationery are the most common media that should present your company / brand well. In addition to the typefaces and design elements used, the manual should also contain a design grid. This ensures that all design elements harmonize. But not only the visual parameters should be taken into account, but also the haptic ones. A well-chosen paper enhances your presentation considerably.

Important elements in the documentation:

  •     Business card
  •     stationery
  •     Envelopes
  •     Address labels
  •     Company stamp
  •     Presentation folder
  •     writing pads

out of home media

The more often a logo is seen, the faster it is remembered. If you want to quickly establish a company logo or a brand in the memory of potential customers, you should definitely use OoH advertising (Out of Home advertising). In order to achieve a good long-distance effect, one should define a minimum logo size according to the medium, determine font sizes and deposit appropriate design grids.
The CD manual records the suitable formats for logo display, taking into account viewing distances and lighting situations for outdoor use.

color guide

Not only pictures, but also colors say more than a thousand words. A company/brand not only defines its appearance through its corporate colors, but also conveys meta-messages. Therefore, a well-considered choice of colors is almost as important as the company logo.

Components in the documentation:

  •     Color values according to CMYK / RGB / HEX
  •     Color values according to Pantone / HKS / RAL
  •     Use

digital media

Nothing new but increasingly important. Many companies are building more and more on their digital presence. That's why it's even more important to consider digital media in the overall impression of the company or brand. Design elements and effects may differ slightly from the analog media.
But here, too, clear do's and don'ts should be laid down in the manual so that the website does not take on a life of its own.

Important elements in the CD manual:

  •     Website
  •     Email signature
  •     Social media postings
  •     PPT templates

print media

There's no denying it, print media is declining and being displaced by digital media. But anyone who neglects this communication channel is not doing their company / brand any favors. Flyers, posters, brochures, personalized invitations, refined cards. The list is endless and the possibilities to stand out from the crowd are great. But even here, in addition to paragraph formats, a well thought-out design grid should not be missing so that a clear line is always recognizable despite the diversity.

The most important elements for print media in the design manual:

  •     Flyers
  •     Posters
  •     Brochures
  •     Advertisements (newspaper, magazine)
  •     Sales folder

promotional products

The choice of the appropriate advertising media - whether giveaway or customer gift - is an important position in communication media.
The manual covers all advertising materials and defines the logo application on various materials and for various printing techniques.

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