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Film production for advertising film, image film and social media clips


The speed of innovation in the new media is constantly increasing. Therefore, one should react quickly to changes in advertising and usage behavior and take advantage of new opportunities. The so-called web video, or simply your advertising video on your homepage, can play a major role as a new and modern marketing instrument.
Many companies already achieve great success with this modern medium; your customer can inform himself about your services, uniqueness and your philosophy in max. 4-5 minutes. In connection with video platforms with a strong audience, such as youtube, MyVideo or Clipfish, you will certainly be able to generate additional users and thus potential customers. With this modern and popular medium, you can present yourself to your customers from a completely different, very emotional and direct side.
Whether image or product video, bind regular customers or win new customers. A more economical, emotional and sympathetic medium for these purposes is hard to find. In times of super fast internet connections, numerous mobile devices and more and more frequented homepages, what could be better suited for this purpose than an absolutely individual advertising video.


Inclusive services

For all productions by our competence team, consisting of graphic designers, communication professionals and professional speakers, the following services are included for you

  • Recording with a high-performance Full-HD camera including lighting and sound technology
  • The preliminary meeting at your place
  • Concept and script development
  • The individual film design based on your corporate design
  • The shooting, editing and postproduction
  • Gemafree music bed
  • 1 interview with original sound
  • The audio dubbing by a professional narrator including audio post-production and studio rental

If ideas and wishes should still occur to you during the production phase, we naturally also offer you the possibility of increasing our range of products and services, e.g: Flight shots, additional shooting hour(s) and/or playout, change of location, sound logos and jingles and much more.

In times of super fast internet connections, numerous mobile devices and more and more frequented homepages, what could be better suited to present itself to its audience in an informative and likeable way, like an absolutely individual advertising video.


If you have decided on a video production from Marketing & Media, we will be at your side with advice and support from the very first meeting, because personal contact is our top priority and is an important part of a successful cooperation.

  • Telephone consultation & scheduling: First of all, we will contact you by telephone to discuss the basic possibilities and schedule a personal meeting with you.
  • Personal consultation: During this conversation we define the basic elements of the film by means of our specially designed video briefing.
  • Offer preparation & video conception: Then we will first make you a concrete offer and after placing the order we will create your absolutely individual video concept.
  • Creation of the screenplay & shooting: As soon as the concept has been approved by you, we start writing the script, plan and schedule the shooting and coordinate with you. As soon as everything is prepared, the shooting starts at your location. In order for us to be able to produce your film according to your ideas, it is very important that all the props, actors and any necessary permits listed in the script are actually available.
  • Postproduction: When we have everything "in the can", the actual birth of your film begins - the so-called postproduction. This demanding and creative process can take up to 6 weeks.
  • Approval/correction loop

(Moving) pictures speak more than 1000 words!

Fields of application & motives

You can use an individual web video for numerous motifs and themes. Each video differs in technical and content elements and is therefore unique. By using different stylistic devices such as images, sound and music, your video has a strong emotional impact on the viewer and thus offers - in addition to the actual core statement or message - more than just pure information. We call this mix of information and entertainment infotainment!

The most common applications for such infotainment videos are

  • Company portrait
  • Hotel or product presentations
  • Event or event documentation or announcement
  • Image contribution
  • Commercial
  • Reports
  • Video tutorials or operating instructions
  • Recruiting spot

Of course we can also create TV-compatible play-outs of your contributions on request.

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