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for your objective media analysis

Eye tracking serves to optimize visual media and the user experience.

The system allows studies to be carried out to objectively evaluate the reception and comprehension of content.

The findings of the studies ensure the optimisation of advertising effectiveness in a wide range of application areas.
On the basis of the evaluated data, the media examined can be reworked to optimise their effectiveness. This channels the attention of your customers and prospective customers in a targeted manner, reliably conveys information and improves the general design and usability of your product.

How does eye tracking work?

Eye-tracking technology measures the gaze behaviour and interaction of a person in front of the monitor and makes visible to outsiders where the recipient is looking. This makes it possible to understand what the customer perceives and how he deals with the content.

An infrared sensor records the recipient's line of sight and pupil movement. Using special software, the data collected in the study is stored in the cloud.

Eyetracking studies allow you to investigate many different approaches and questions in numerous application areas.

Execution of the study

We carry out the studies completely for you: Provision of hardware and cloud application, creation of questionnaires, acquisition of test subjects, creation of test objects including associated questions and test subject instructions.

We are partners of eyevido

We are a service agency for eyevido, the world's leading company for cloud-based eyetracking.
If you have questions about licenses for your own application, please contact us at:

Which media can be tested?

In principle, all visual media to be published can be checked.
Although the system classically originates from the UX area in the digital field, the system is media-neutral. A possible application is the analysis of the usability of your website: does the user find the relevant information to efficiently carry out an action such as an inquiry or order?
Or have the efficiency of your ads checked: do contents and images activate the desired action?

Among other things can be tested: Shop systems, websites, apps, advertisements, packaging, posters, large surfaces (OoH), POS media, newsletters, mailings, forms ...

Report and recommendation for action

You receive a detailed report with all elements of the study in text form, tables and screenshots of heat maps, eye paths and attention maps with/without AOI.
Based on the analysis, we will make concrete recommendations for media optimization.

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